Zero Emission Industries


All of the upside of zero emission technology, none of the headache. 

Zero Emission Industries provides Hydrogen Fuel Cell powertrain  solutions for the maritime market. Our H2 FC systems simplify operations and maintenance while providing all of the value created through the adoption of zero emission technology. Our team of experts is here to make your switch to a Hydrogen Fuel Cell system seamless.

Zero Emission Industries

21st Century Reliability

Zero Emission Industries systems provide almost excessive redundancies and only require simple maintenance, thus reducing the need to dry dock and the downtime of your vessels.. Real-time electronic monitoring provides complete transparency allowing the operator to perform maintenance only when needed - even while the system is in service - eliminating the need for costly and unnecessary preventative maintenance based on run time.  

Win Contracts

Government and corporate RFPs are demanding more stringent emissions standards and awarding higher point values to operators with alternative fuel, electric and hybrid-electric systems. State and national park services have a vested interest in preservation and thus reward operators who take this responsibility seriously. ZEI H2FC powertrains will give your business the edge over your competition running Tier 2, Tier 3 and Tier 4 diesel. Additionally the ZEI team will actively assist you in preparing a dominant proposal.  We will supply your team with industry leading thought leadership and documentation optimized to the scoring criteria of the specific solicitation. 

Future Proof

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has instituted engine pollution limits, fuel sulfur limits, and efficiency minimums on ocean-going vessels; this is just the beginning.

Additional environmental protections and emission regulations continue to be implemented world wide with ever increasing velocity.  These unplanned, and sometimes unpredictable expenses can drastically affect the health and viability of a maritime business. A ZEI H2FC powertrain system will ensure future proof compliance with the rapidly evolving regulatory landscape.  You can reduce zero; zero emissions - zero stress.

Zero Emission Industries
Zero Emission Industries


Protect the environment while growing your business. Consumers all around the globe have spoken with their dollars and chosen to support businesses that operate with the well being of society and the environment in mind. Billions are invested in marketing, R&D and operational initiatives to capitalize on the "green" trend and immense branding opportunity. Don't follow the trend, set it. Increase the value of your brand, attract new customers and leave the competition behind. We're here to help you tell the story and make it a reality.


ZEIs H2FC powertrains are flexible enough to work in almost any type of vessel ranging from small commercial fishing vessels to container ships.  We understand that every vessel is unique and thus have created a super flexible, modular power system that can easily be optimized for a centralized or distributed arrangement on board.  Additionally power can be scaled up/down and our fuel storage system can be optimized for any operating profile.