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Why ZEI.

We make Hydrogen work.

ZEI is a hydrogen technology company building
practical hydrogen solutions for the real world.

The Vision

Maritime learning. Global understanding.

Building the world’s first commercial hydrogen fuel cell vessel showed us the problems with the industry. The solutions we developed to solve them will change the world.

Zero Emission Industries was born to deliver clean hydrogen fuel to the maritime industry, one of the most challenging industrial verticals there is. Not afraid to get our hands dirty, we dug in on the problems: how to create enough durable power, how to transfer and store that power, even how to get fuel from shore to sea.

The answers we found are that those issues weren’t unique to nautical cases; they’re universal to the hydrogen space. The dream has been there for decades – hydrogen is one of the most powerful fuels in the universe, and it releases pure water as exhaust. The reality is something different. It’s notoriously difficult to contain, transport, and transfer.

While addressing that reality for boats and ships, we’ve delivered a new reality to the world. Hydrogen that works.

The Expertise

Dr. Joseph Pratt, CEO

Dr. Joseph Pratt, a world-leading hydrogen expert, drives real-world application of hydrogen power. With a PhD from UC Irvine’s National Fuel Cell Research Center, his work delves into fuel cell performance under unique conditions. Formerly with Sandia National Laboratories, Dr. Pratt led projects for DOE, shaping fuel cell markets and advancing hydrogen infrastructure. Authoring book chapters, reports, and peer-reviewed articles, he’s a sought-after speaker on hydrogen tech globally. As founder of ZEI, he continues to pioneer hydrogen solutions, bridging the gap between research and practical implementation.

John Motlow, Chief Strategy Officer

John M Motlow, is a well known hydrogen industry strategist and thought leader. Prior to ZEI, he spent his career building technology startups in the San Francisco Bay Area. John is an expert in evaluating and enabling the growth and adoption pathways for commercialized and cutting-edge hydrogen technologies, while identifying and mitigating the technical, regulatory, communication and market challenges that arise with H2 deployment in the real world.  John is also currently the Vice President of the United States Hydrogen Alliance, a leading hydrogen trade association.

The Experience

Our success in maritime paved the way for emission free hydrogen fuel cell power across industries without limits.

Co-founder Dr. Joseph Pratt created a study to determine the limits of hydrogen fuel cells in marine vessels. Spoiler: There aren’t any.

The Water-Go-Round, provided proof that zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell technology works for commercial marine vessels.

Switch Maritime purchased and renamed GGZEM’s hydrogen fuel cell ferry to The Sea Change, marking the first time in history that a hydrogen powered vessel was purchased and designated for commercial use.

During construction of the Sea Change, our founders encountered the issues that have prevented hydrogen from becoming the prevalent fuel system it should be. Golden Gate Zero Emission Marine rebranded to Zero Emission Industries correct that. Read more about the Sea Change.

ZEI received $2 million in grant funding from the California Energy Commission for developing and deploying its powertrain and vessel, as well as its portable refueling solution, enabling fast and convenient fueling for boats anywhere, without infrastructure. Read more about the Small Fast Harbor Craft.

2022 marked the beginning of ZEI’s push toward wide commercialization of hydrogen technology solutions as the Sea Change began operations in San Francisco Bay. Read more about our solutions.

The Team

  • Our team combines deep hydrogen experience—decades worth—with a silicon valley mindset. While creating solutions that enable hydrogen applications in the real world, we’ve also taken a lead role in pushing the technology, and the industry, forward. The world needs us. If you feel it, join us.

ZEI team member plugging in FTcase
ZEI team member welding

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