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Fuel Cell for Maritime

Simple integration of fuel cells for maritime use

Fuel cells can effectively run any marine vessel. True story.

The problem isn’t possibility; it’s difficulty.

The oft-cited “Practical Application Limits of Fuel Cells and Batteries for Zero Emission Vessels” report found that hydrogen fuel cells can power nearly all vessels in the world’s fleet from the smallest fishing boats up to the largest container ships without compromising their cargo capacity or mission.

From impossible to feasible:

ZEI makes fuel cell integration simple.

ZEI fuel cell systems leverage novel system features to bring benefits to the industry unlike anything available today— faster, easier, and less expensive.

A Broadly Scalable Solution

ZEI provides an off-the-shelf solution that has scalability at its core. Anywhere from a small boat to a large ship, our stackable powertrain solution provides flexible and reliable power coverage.

Effortless Integration and Operation

Complexity around Hydrogen systems has long been a conversation in the energy industry. Meticulously designed from the bottom up with ease of integration and operation as a goal, ZEI aims to provide seamless and untangled powertrain solutions for every level of users.

Any Operational Domain

Maritime Vessels need the right power at the right time – without compromise. ZEI’s Fuel Cell Powertrain solutions allow for a high degree of modularity, allowing customers to specify exactly how they want their powertrain to fit and perform.

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