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Zero Emission Industries Launches First-of-its-kind ‘FTcase’ to Bring Safe, Easy and Flexible Hydrogen Fueling to all Markets

FTcase in a pickup truck

Zero Emission Industries Launches First-of-its-kind ‘FTcase’ to Bring Safe, Easy and Flexible Hydrogen Fueling to all Markets

Zero Emission Industries Launches First-of-its-kind ‘FTcase’ to Bring Safe, Easy and Flexible Hydrogen Fueling to all Markets 1700 988 ZEI Team

Portable hydrogen refueling device demonstrates dedication to removing barriers in bringing hydrogen to real world applications

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, CA — Hydrogen refueling options have required incredibly costly installations, giant “mobile” solutions, or distant travel, all while remaining famously unreliable. Until today.

“FTcase changes everything. Hydrogen is finally a real option in commercial markets,” said Dr. Joe Pratt, CEO of Zero Emission Industries.

Zero Emission Industries, a leader in hydrogen technology, today unveiled its FTcase, a portable hydrogen refueling solution barely larger than carry-on luggage.

FTcase eliminates the complexities of gaseous hydrogen refueling and simplifies the process for all markets. This groundbreaking product enables the rapid deployment of hydrogen-powered vehicles and heavy-duty equipment, eliminating a major barrier to widespread hydrogen adoption: the complete lack of accessible and convenient fueling infrastructure.

Safe Without the Sacrifice

Hydrogen fueling, traditionally a complex operation, demands the highest safety standards. Dr. Pratt emphasizes, “With hydrogen fueling—like any kind of fueling—safety is absolutely paramount. Everything else comes second.” Previously, that safety has come with a cost.

Safe hydrogen fueling of large-scale machinery has meant complicated processes, equipment, and infrastructure that are both massively expensive and notoriously unreliable. Past options included:

Move your vehicles or equipment to an existing hydrogen fueling station, currently few and far between. Build your own exorbitantly expensive refueling installation somewhere that your equipment can get to. Engage so-called “mobile” solutions that involve huge trailers with low availability and frequent downtime. Also, they are expensive.

ZEI invented field-validated, software-controlled technology to ensure that every fueling operation is absolutely safe. Designed from the ground up for both safety and reliability, the FTcase integrates advanced “fail-safe” systems, minimizing risks and consistently exceeding stringent safety standards.

And ZEI packs it all into a portable box the size of a suitcase.

Hydrogen Fueling that Anyone Can Do

Hydrogen fueling of commercial and heavy equipment has always been a “behind the fence” operation, requiring highly trained technical expertise to perform “HazMat” fueling operations. For industrial uses this has a huge and direct impact on cost, deployment time, vehicle operations, and ultimately, whether hydrogen is even an option. If you can’t fuel, you can’t work.

ZEI’s FTcase revolutionizes this process by allowing a single operator without hydrogen expertise to fuel safely and efficiently. After a brief initial setup, industrial hydrogen fueling operations are no longer very different from filling up your car. John Motlow, Chief Strategy Officer of ZEI, highlights the impact, “Trained hydrogen technicians are rare, and FTcase ensures top-notch safety with no technical staff involved. Staffing is no longer a barrier to hydrogen fueling.”

Where the Work Gets Done, for Any Application

The FTcase makes hydrogen adoption truly possible with its portable design, enabling any industry to implement hydrogen refueling on location. The FTcase is small, portable and easy for one person to set up anywhere, boosting efficiency and flexibility across industries.

ZEI’s solution can transform any gaseous hydrogen supply into a complete hydrogen fueling station. Deploying and refueling with the FTcase is simple, immediate, and on-site, making hydrogen fuel an option for vehicles and equipment where bulky, complicated systems or installed infrastructure is too expensive, takes too long, or simply isn’t possible. Versatility is key to the FTcase, which can refuel anything from boats to cars, heavy duty equipment, port infrastructure, commercial hauling (aka “Prime Movers”), transport trucks, work trucks, locomotives, buses, even stationary power systems and the ever-expanding array of hydrogen powered “things” to come. “The beauty of the FTcase is its indifference to what it fuels; hydrogen is hydrogen, whether for a fleet truck or a hydrogen-powered commercial ferry” explained Mr Motlow. This flexibility is essential for manufacturers and operators previously hindered by the scarcity of hydrogen refueling options. Years of Development and Expertise Make FTcase a Reality The technology behind the FTcase has been iterated and actively used over the last four years. It has successfully performed as the sole and frequent fueling solution in challenging commercial maritime environments, including both a commercial ferry and ZEI’s next-generation vessel prototype. It has also been used with great success in trials with a global provider of Class 8 commercial trucks. “We have spent years designing and validating this fueling technology, proving it is ready for real-world use in wider markets,” said Dr. Pratt. Hardware as a Service, Now Available The FTcase is available today. ZEI’s unique hardware-as-a-service offering provides continuous service for maximum uptime, automatic updates and improvements, and vastly lowers total cost of ownership for hydrogen adopters. “The launch of FTcase represents a tectonic shift,” stated John Motlow, Chief Strategy Officer at Zero Emission Industries “FTcase is the first necessary step to enable the more adaptable, resilient, affordable infrastructure that is required to get hydrogen into the real world.” With the FTcase, Zero Emission Industries is poised to lead the transition to a more sustainable, hydrogen-powered future, once again eliminating the barriers to hydrogen adoption.

About Zero Emission Industries: ZEI is a hydrogen technology company building practical hydrogen solutions for the real world. Discover more about how Zero Emission Industries is delivering a cleaner tomorrow at https://www.zeroei.com/.